Our Policies

We take a responsible approach in all our business activities to ensure we’re sympathetic to the environment, understand our customers and protect our employees. Our policies help us to maintain this in our day to day work.

Safety Policy Statement

The aim of this document is to state the company policy for health, safety and environmental protection the organisation responsibilities and arrangements for the implementation of that policy.  It is accepted that the policy must conform to the relevant legal requirements.
Policy for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

The company accepts that it has a major concern for the health and safety of all it’s employers and visitors to it’s sites, all customers, those who transport it’s goods and others who might be affected by any of it’s activities.  The directors are firmly committed to ensuring that this concern is translated into effective action, and that the associated management responsibilities at all levels, are regarded as ranking equally with those for other important aspects of the business.
It is the clear duty of the management to see that everything reasonably practicable is done to prevent personal injury occurring during the course of any other of the companies activities, and to maintain a safe and healthy place of work, at the same time it is the duty of all employees to act reasonably and to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves and to their fellow workers, only with such co-operation can the policy become truly effective.
Additionally, the company ensures that all necessary training is carried out on a regular basis and within an acceptable time scale.  Appropriate information given to it’s employees, in order that (potential) risks are highlighted and where possible eliminated or reduced.  The company has in place a safety representative who is responsible for the protection of safety matters, with regular consultation from the appointed company safety advisor.

Safe Working Practices

Smith Brothers is a health, safety and environmental conscious company.  The company wishes at all times to ensure that it is adhering to it’s legal requirements.  Smith Brothers therefore, has produced safe working practice documents.


As the terminology implies, safe working practices are necessary to provide a basis for a safe and healthy work area. The documents produced are made available to all personnel and training is undertaken by supervisors with random checks carried out to ensure that the practices are being adhered to.  The company is a member of the Ayrshire Construction Safety Group and the Construction Industry Training Board to assist in such safety matters.

Quality Management System
Smith Brothers are general building contractors operating in small to medium size works, providing building services and managing main contractor duties for all trades.

 In respect of the above Smith Brothers have the following aims and policies in place:

1. To implement, maintain and develop a Quality System that meets both the requirements of BS EN ISO:9001: 2008 and the applicable current legislative/regulatory requirements.

 2. To focus on customer’s current and future needs and strive to exceed customer expectations.

 3. To develop, resource and continually improve company activities.

 4. Train and encourage people at all levels within the organisation to achieve key company objectives. 

 5. To ensure stable employment through sustained profitability.