The projects detailed below on this page are just an example of the type of medium size contracts Smith Brothers have undertaken in the past.

Although this is typical for medium size contract the type and nature of our work is not limited and we have a wide and varied portfolio of work ranging from very minor works to the examples listed.

  1. Refurbishment of Category B listed Building which was formally a local library
    Refurbishment of Category B listed Building which was formally a local library
    The project featured above was the alterations, refurbishment, restoration to change the use of the formal local library building in Beith to accommodate a main office facility for Smith Brothers Builders Ltd to satisfy their needs in respect of administration and general office systems, the building being a category A listed building on the Historic Scotland register fitted with the profile of the company and integrated into the special work and projects undertaken by the organisation. The accommodation consists of a basement housing storage facilities with boardroom, private office, kitchen and toilets on the ground floor. On the first floor of the building is an open plan general office and admin environment which is the hub and activity centre for the day to day running of the business, the building is ideally situated in the heart of the community and immediately adjacent to the builders yard premises from where the company operates. The building was restored in association with Historic Scotland requirements and under the direction of Dr Joyce Dean of Blair Deans Practice, Smith Brothers themselves acting as main contractors. Externally there was extensive stone restoration and repairs carried out to the main walls and in particular to the impressive frontage and pillared arrangement at the main entrance together with features stonework around window openings. Internally the period and character of the premises has been captured and restored in respect of the plasterwork, ornate cornicing, timber architraves and wood panel surrounds to door and window openings. The essential requirements of a modern office environment have been sympathetically integrated within the furnishings to accommodate where possible the needs of the occupier to allow them to carry out their business processes with comfort.
  2. Auchmannoch House
    Auchmannoch House
    Auchmannoch House was a multi trade contract with Smith Brothers taking on the role of main contractor. The work associated with the contract included major refurbishment, alterations and extensions to the category B listed building with the removal of all slated roof materials and replacement with new structural timbers where necessary including new sarking boards and imported second hand slates. The east wing of the dwelling was completely re-designed internally and the roof was removed with a new structure replacing it to allow for the walls to be raised in height by an additional 1.5m thus allowing for a further 3 bedrooms, with en-suite shower rooms to be formed on the upper floor. Other work included the replacement of existing timber windows with high performance double glazed units compliant with the current energy performance standards together with all new and existing floors, roofs and walls being up upgraded to current insulation and energy standards. Various new openings were formed in the existing structure and an extension to form a new dining area was constructed adjacent to the kitchen . All external finishes were completed as per requirements for the category B listed building with new and replacement stones to the window surrounds as per specification and built in to accommodate external walling and window arrangements. The existing chimney heads on the east and south elevations together with the plinth and skew stones were removed retained and rebuilt after the walls had been raised to maintain the original appearance and character of the building. The work involved in this contract is typical of the type of work Smith Brothers have been carrying out for over the last 40 years with a mix of new building techniques integrated with old building skills which is ideally suited to the profile of the company and their multi-skilled workforce.
  3. Balgray Cottage
    Balgray Cottage
    Balgray Cottage is a residential property located in a rural setting, the original building dates back to late 1700's and is formed in traditional materials with slated roof and external walls constructed with locally sourced sandstone walling. Smith Brothers were commissioned to to erect a new Porch/Entrance over the existing south west facing entrance to the cottage in the gable wall, the purpose of the porch was to afford protection against the prevailing elements which come predominantly from the south west direction. Along with the above brief given by the client there was also an instruction from him that all external wall and roof elements should blend with the existing building features in respect of materials and general architectural details. All finishes to door and window openings were formed with ingo bands with sand cement mortar suitably coloured to match those of existing and pointing to stonework facades slightly recessed to match existing walling. The slate roofing materials were again utilised from locally sourced second hand slate which were sifted, graded and dressed on site to ensure compatibility with the existing roofing slates.
  4. Refurbishment of Existing Barn to Dwelling
    Refurbishment of Existing Barn to Dwelling
    The barn conversion was the development of an existing outbuilding to form additional and ancillary areas to the detached house within the same property. The work to the building was to be as per architectural design and specification and would include, complete strip out of all internal linings etc. removal of slate roof covering which would be reinstated after repair of all structural timbers as required, complete replacement of sarking and weather proofing protection elements at abutment walls etc. The development and conversion would include a new two story extension with predominately glazed walls, new slated roof to match existing all to be formed in a heavy steelwork frame connected to the existing building. New openings would be formed in the walls and existing openings amended and upgraded as required to accommodate natural light and ventilation to the new areas forming the largely ancillary recreational use of the building. Once completed the building was fully compliant with current performance standards in all aspects and in particular with energy efficiency requirements with the introduction of new fully insulated internal envelope to Walls, Roof and floor with a bespoke underfloor heating system designed to the needs of the building
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